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In most cases (but no all) the Error or Fault codes used by Manufacturers are the same for all the models in the particular range of machines they are applied to. So even if your specific model number is not listed in the data base results, as long as the model is listed it should apply to your machine as well. However this is not a hard and fast rule, just an observation.

Enter the error code here:
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    The information given here is only intended as a possible starting place to locate the fault on your machine and to indicate which area the code relates to, it is not an instant solution to the problem and although we have tried to give as much information as possible we will not be held liable for any omissions or inaccuracies that may be found. If action is taken to rectify a fault with reference to any of this information it is done so completely at your own risk and on the understanding that neither selfix-uk.co.uk nor anyone associated with it will be held liable for any damage, injury, or out of pocket expenses which may occur. If in any doubt about your competence to complete a repair, always refer to a qualified engineer. Any work done on refrigeration systems must be carried out by a registered refrigeration systems engineer. This is not a DIY area and any error code analysis referring to system work is intended for the professional.

    (1)      Display search:
    Manufacturers use different ways to show error codes on their appliances. If you have a straight forward LED display that shows one or more numbers or letters then just enter that info into the search box and press search. To find out how to access different types of error codes read the section bellow which most closely relates to your appliance.

    (2)      Single Flashing Neon search:
    On some appliances a fault is indicated by the mains on/door lock neon flashing a set number of times, to indicate where in the program the fault is. If you have one of these appliances then count the number of times the neon flashes before pausing, and enter that number followed by the letter 'F'. So if the neon flashed 10 times then enter 10f in the search box (This only applies to appliances where the mains on neon flashes and maybe accompanied by the timer knob constantly rotating)

    (3)      Double Flashing Neon/LED Search:
    Some manufacturers incorporate a similar system on some of there models but use two lights (on Hoover appliances it's usually the start and pause, or start and delay-start LEDs.) Use the same system as for the single flashing neon to determine the error code.

    (4)      Multiple flashing or static Neon/LED Search:(Lights)
    To search for a flashing lights or static lights sequence on a machine that uses function indicator LED's to specify fault codes, you must enter a numeric code of either '0' for OFF or '1' for ON depending if the LED is on or off. Counting from the left or from the top down (depending on your machine) The numbers should be preceded with the letter 'S' in the search panel, so a search criteria would look like, s01011 if the first LED was off the second was on the third off the fourth on and the fifth on. One known exception to this rule is the Hotpoint Aqualtis range AQX, they start at 1 at the bottom and increase to 5 at the top:(on this range only count the first 5 LED's from the bottom up) If you can't find your model in these search criteria then try the following one.

    (5)      Push Button search:(Lights)
    To do a search on a machine with push buttons the criteria is the same as with the search number (4) except there could be more LED's on the push button models than on the selector ones, and the preceding letter is B so the same search could look like this b01011.

    (6)      Machines that Bleep:
    On some appliances there is an audible bleep which indicates an error has occurred, in this case count the number of bleeps and enter that number followed by the letters BL. For example if there were 6 bleeps then enter 6bl in the search box.

    (7)      On-Off and Flashing Neon/LEDs:
    Some appliances incorporate a mixed LED scenario, where the error code incorporates all three light options (on-off-flashing) In this case the flashing LED will be represented by the number '2' but this only applies if the flashing LED is accompanied by a static one. So if the first LED was off the second flashing the third off the forth on and the fifth on, you would enter s02011. However if there were no static (permanently on) LEDs, the flashing ones would be represented by the number '1' in each case, so if they were all flashing you would enter s11111.

We deal mainly with Hotpoint/Creda, Indesit and Ariston machines, but have added a few other manufacturers’ error codes where possible.
Please Note:
In some instances it may be necessary to reset the control once the error has been rectified. If we have access to this information we will add it after the code definition. In some cases it's just a matter of turning the machine off for a few minutes but others require the depressing of a few control buttons to reset the module. This procedure is more prevalent with newer machines than the older ones.